About Me

Who am I?

Hi, I am Akansha and welcome to my blog. I am a book nerd, coffee addict and passionate about painting. I am happiest when I read a book or sip coffee or Vacationing. I love to travel.

I love to read books, look at books, buy books, analyse books, collect books and discuss books.

About my Blog:

I started this blog to share my passion and love for books with the world and bookish communities out there which are still unknown to me. I love to discuss books and this platform gives me the opportunity to share my reading adventures and discuss them. I review books and also post book recommendations and other bookish content. My reviews are well researched because that’s what I do before buying a book. I research a lot. I myself read 5-6 review posts before buying a book until I find the one that satisfies my curiosity. And this is what I aspire to achieve. Satisfying your curiosity about a book without spoiling your fun of reading the book. I am not a fan of spoilers so I refrain from including them in my reviews. I publish weekly posts. You can check out my Review policy page to know more. I hope with my blog I can contribute to the more growing reading community and be a part of it and help some people through their reading journey and figure out more things about me in the process. I am still new to this and in the process of learning.

More about me!

My Early days….

I have grown up listening to fairy tales and folk tales told by my Granny, Mom and Aunt. Those summer nights on our terrace are one of the fondest memories of my childhood, where I would cuddle up with my cousins and listen to our Granny scare us with folksy ghost stories from her village. I was hooked on stories since then.  My Mom bought me my first copy of folk tales. In school English was my favourite subject. We also had an amazing library which helped me in my reading adventures. My favourites were “Secret Seven”, “Nancy Drew”, “Goosebumps” and “Hardy Boys”. As I grew older so did my love for books. 


Through my college though my reading depreciated a bit, all of my energy was spent on studies and pursuing my conventional career, my books were there, in the background, waiting for me patiently. But the world is round as we know it. I did return to my books. My love for books was renewed when my boyfriend (current husband) gifted me a copy of “Leap of Faith by Danielle Steele”. I loved that book and fell in love with him even more for picking such a classic read. Since then I have never looked back. I am always reading because it has become my way of life and a part of who I am, which has inspired me to start this blog and share my enthusiasm with the world.  I always carry a book with me and catch up on reading whenever I can. I dream about conquering my growing list of TBR and simultaneously hunting for more unknown gems of literature. I love to read classic literature.

I do have other interests as well:

Apart from books I am very passionate about art and I paint quite a lot. I am improving myself on that front. I love watching movies especially period drama and horror movies. I also love to travel and explore new places and try new cuisines because I am obsessed with food. I follow the world of fashion and try to stay updated.