Review Policy

Thank You so much for considering my blog to review your work or what you recommend for me. This blog is my own and I operate it by myself. All the reviews are my own honest opinion and not sponsored [if stated otherwise, even then they are honest and truthful].

My Rating system:

***** 5/5- I absolutely loved it, enjoyed it. I would recommend it to everyone,

****4/5- I enjoyed it.

***3/5- I liked it, but some things didn’t work for me.

** 2/5-It was ok. Didn’t enjoy it.

*1/5 –Didn’t like it/ I couldn’t finish it.

 Here is a list of genre that are my favourites:-

Classic literature (I adore them)

Historical fiction (takes me back in time)

Award winners (to read best in literature)

Horror/ psychological/ crime thriller (Aaah! My favourite and go to books)

Archaeological thriller (Because I love History + Mystery)

Medieval/Regency romance (my guilty pleasures, love them)

Okay! That’s lots of genre, but I read these most and usually in one sitting.

Others that I read occasionally:-

Contemporary chick lit romances

Epic Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Mythological (*not young adult)

Magical Realism

Nonfiction related to literature and writing

Inspiring Autobiography/ Memoirs

Believe or not, there are some genre which I do not read.

Genre which I do not read:-

Nonfiction especially self-help (I used to read them but then realised that they don’t really help, so I stopped purchasing).

Young adult fantasy/ paranormal romances ( First thing that comes to my mind is,” I am too old for that!”, but I can make some exceptions depending on the plot).

Religion/ Theology


Poetry (not my cup of tea!)


I accept books only in paperback formats, no eBooks, pdfs or audiobook.

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